Quanta Ice Cream delivers premium ice cream encased in an irresistibly thick layer of chocolate and coated with nuts, offering a range of sticks, cones and bars, including Quanta Almond Stick, Chocolate Cone and Multipacks. These are already available across the GCC, with active plans to move into South Asian markets in the near future.

Quanta Ice Cream is for today's active youth who demand the biggest and best of everything. The brand boasts the thickest layer of rich milk chocolate and the most generous portions of chunky nuts, and supports active lifestyles through its sponsorship of youth sporting events. Quanta is a proud sponsor of Dubai Sports World, and can be found at numerous other sporting events such as the World Parachute Championship.

The Quanta brand continues to grow from strength to strength, carving out a unique identity in the highly competitive ice cream sector.

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