The IFFCO Group offers several speciality products for dairy and poultry. These include the ‘Energizer Range of Rumen-Protected Fats for Dairy Cattle’ and ‘Unimixx Vitamin Mineral Premixes’. Under the Rumen-Protected Fats we have ‘Energizer RP-10’, a highly refined product of palm fatty acids rich in Palmitic Acid and backed by extensive research in leading universities in the USA & Europe. It is a crystalline white product in the form of free flowing flakes, packed in 25 kg paper bags.

Unifeed: Unifeed is manufactured by IFFCO in one of the most modern plants, under the most hygienic conditions. It is used for poultry, dairy, sheep, goats, camels, horses and zoo animals. Highly trained workers also use it for general livestock. The company markets the product in the UAE and other GCC countries like Oman and Qatar. All feeds under the Unifeed brand are produced as per the standard specifications. However, the product can be tailormade to meet specific requirements of any farm and animal, depending upon the status of their health and weather conditions. High-fiber livestock feeds are also supplied to many livestock companies in the GCC in order to cater to the needs of imported sheep and goats. Unifeed is certified by ISO and HACCP.