IFFCO’s beverage range provides a wide variety of options to the consumers in terms of fruit juice and milk beverages. This wide range includes, premium ‘Tiffany JOOS’ juices and nectars, ‘Tiffany Kidz’ drinks and ‘Tiffany FrootC’ - fruit based drinks, in tetrapaks and Tiffany drinks in PET bottles, which are nutritious and have a long shelf life and great taste. Also an integral part of this portfolio is Tiffany plain and flavored milk and ‘London Dairy’ milkshakes, which are excellent options for nutritious and healthy drinks. The unique taste is loved by all children and its nutrient value provides the essential vitmains needed for the growth of strong bones and teeth.

Our fresh juice division produces 100% natural, pure & fresh juice without added preservatives or essence, and HACCP Certified. Grand Juice is a 100% fresh Fruit juice, proven pure without any added preservatives or artificial colors, available in all major outlets and the Hospitality Industry. Extracted from ripe and fresh fruits, it is a healthy way to start your day with guarantee of nature’s freshness.