IFFCO's milestone is to achieve full traceability to mill by mid-2019 and traceability to plantation by 2021.

Collaboration is fundamental to success in achieving a more sustainable supply chain especially where IFFCO Group does not own or operate oil palm plantations and mills, thus 100% of the oil bought and processed come from third party mills, aggregators or refiners. IFFCO's action plan will consist of :

  • Establishing IFFCO's global footprint and baseline traceability scores for palm oil.
  • Working on traceability to mill by collecting the mills’ name and GPS coordinates.
  • Working with suppliers to map the supply base and achieve traceability to plantations.
  • Analysing the risks and opportunities of our suppliers and to identify potential environmental, social and economics program for realizing the full potential of palm oil in the draw area. Indicator of risks and opportunities include forest cover, peat, proximity to protected areas, smallholders participation and sustainability certification status.

During 2018 IFFCO has focused its efforts to collect all the mill names and respective GPS coordinates of the 3rd party Mills that supply to IFFCO Tier 1 Refineries (Refineries that receive CPO). Below link shows this information.

Click here to access IFFCO PT SON 2018 Suppliers Mill List.
Click here to access IFFCO FISB 2018 Supplier Mill List.
Click here to access IFFCO FIOP 2018 Mill List.